Thursday, March 5, 2009

Thursday March 5

Good Morning! High today is to be in the 80's...record high! It's 50 now so I do believe it will make it.
We didn't end up leaving the van at the shop yesterday. The mechanic said with the rod going out I would just be wasting my money replacing the bearing as in 2-3 months the rod will misshape and wear it out again. We are opting now for buying another motor to put in it.
The mechanic said I'm not going to hurt it anymore than it already is by continuing to drive it. It will eventually go all the way out, but hopefully not before we get the motor replaced. Please continue to pray that we get this whole thing worked out.

I will be taking Elizabeth, my oldest daughter, for a sonogram today. That will tell us a due date closer to being correct as well as maybe the sex of the child. She is hoping for another boy. Allen is hoping mom has a boy too.

This is a video that I put on gather a few days ago. It's of Willo with my cat Ichygo. It's really cute, I hope you will take a peek :) Willo and Ichygo Video

Yesterday I updated my mycoolcontests squidoo lens. I hope you will check it out. For each referral I get another daily entry, which will help me have more chances to win prizes. It's a neat website. free prizes!

I seem to be on a pretty good start on my internet stuff this morning, so I am going to keep working at it. I also need to get some more coupons cut and sorted while I work on here as well.

Have a great Thursday!
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