Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Tuesday March 3

Good Morning!
Strange morning. It's my mom's social security payday and yet another month she is having to find rides from several others as I have no way to take her around town. I called the guy I bought the van from yesterday. I'm to take the van in to the shop tomorrow for them to check out. However, he is no longer offering to refund my money (of which I wouldn't expect a full refund after driving it for 3 weeks), but if they can fix the o rings I do have to pay him. Say a little prayer over it for me please. I'm upset over once again not having transportation. It was great to drive again and be able to participate at church again and things.

I did more catching up in my gmail all day yesterday but now I have to not work on that today since it's bowling night.
I did, however, get my 50th lens built on squidoo! I put my email request in to apply for giant squid. I won't hear back on it until sometime in April. It's another book review lens. Sidetracked Home Executives Book Review

I've really lapsed in the 2 weeks on working on cutting and organizing my coupons. I'm sitting here this morning cutting and filing what I can. I'm rather frustrated with all that needs to be done and finding the time to do all that I want and need to do.

I'm going to try to get most of my internet stuff done this morning so I better get a move on. Have a great Tuesday!
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