Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Tuesday December 9

Good Morning!
Yesterday it got up to 60 degrees, and wasn't even cold with the wind! Today is a total turn around. It is super windy and really cold out there and they put us in a winter advisory, even talking about it getting bad enough for school closings tomorrow. I will take yesterdays weather!

Today is Heather's math tutoring. I've asked my daughter to take me to Wal Mart to get craft supplies while she is there. Tonight is bowling. With any luck I will also get that gal's money order in the mail and can get these books off in the mail.

Here is a post I did on gather about a rug I crocheted for beside Jasmine's bed. Finished One Rug for Beside Jasmine's Bed (with photo)

Today's squidoo lens to feature is one that I made highlighting online parties. It's an older one and I need to go find a way to spice it up with some graphics or something, but I hope you will go check it out...and add your own site if you own one or frequent one that holds online parties. Online Parties

Until tomorrow, stay safe and stay warm,
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