Saturday, October 4, 2008

Saturday October 4

Well, the yard sale went...and went as usual too. Lots of work for very little money. We only sold $19 total between all of us. It was nice to get out among other people, just needed to make more than that.
I bought some school texts for .25 each that I will place on homeschoolbuy...hopefully they will sell, this kind has before.

I'm in the Spooky Celebration right now and it's sad that there is barely anyone else in there. I present my website at 3 pm central time today and again at 8 pm Wednesday evening. I hope i can get a few orders.

I'm getting ready to do my freebies post over at gather, but today I will share part 3 of my Cosmosphere photo essay. Kansas Cosmosphere and Space Center--Photo Essay 3

I'm going to head out of here now. I have my party time to present, then the activity to do...get a quick bath...I have chicken in the crockpot, but not sure what else we will have with it. We have the gospel singers coming to church this evening to celebrate our 120th I need to see what else I can get done on the computer.
Have a great rest of the day!
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