Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday September 14

We did end up going to the fair yesterday evening.
Yesterday was about the perfect day too. We stayed about 5 hours. We collected a lot of free pencils, pens, rulers etc. We rode the fair train. We got some food. It was fun even though all I could do once home was to fall in to bed.
It was super hard to get out of bed this morning too. I had to get up early as this was the first day of Sunday school for this church year. I also wanted to get a roast in the crockpot for dinner.
After church I took a long nap...then what did I do?? Someone gave me an invite to, that is just too addictive...once I used my 200 free spins I paid the .99 to buy a day pass and get 300 more spins. Any of you want to join and play fun games? If so, just let me know.

Today I will share the photo essay I did on some of the pigeons at our state fair. I know most won't find it of interest, but I had to go in and take a good look after reading the book, Superdove. Pigeons at the Kansas State Fair 2008

I think the roast is about done, and a little later I have Bible study. I don't think...or sure hope not....that this week will be near as busy as the past week!

I opened a new lens at squidoo if you are interested. Home School Helpers Squidoo Lens

Take care,
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