Wednesday, September 17, 2008

Wednesday September 17

Good morning, although I am thinking of going back to bed for a bit before work.
We got Allen off to school today so hopefully he does ok. He has a field trip out of town tomorrow to meet an author and get a signed book so that should be fun for him.
Tonight Awanas starts back up for the kids. Araya is excited as she gets to go this year. It will be the last year for Jasmine. Other than Awanas there are no other plans for the day so hopefully I can get some work done on here.

This is a video I took of the rain and 2 of the kids playing in it the other day...I wish now that I had made it longer.

Let me think on that nap before work for a few more minutes. If I don't take it now I will be falling in to bed for a nap right after work. I didn't sleep well last night, couldn't seem to stop tossing and turning.

Have a great day!
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