Saturday, September 13, 2008

Saturday September 13

Good Morning. I wasn't going to type this until this afternoon, but decided to get it done now.
It's rained and rained. As of right now it's not raining, but still looks like it.
Steve called me last night and asked me to go to the State fair with him this evening so hopefully it will clear off. Tomorrow is the last day of the fair. I'm sure profits are way down this year at the fair due to all the rain!
I will be heading off to sewing club at church in about 30 minutes. One lady is bringing chili to share for our lunch. I am taking a package of sweet rolls, some shredded cheese and crackers to share. I am also taking that quilt top with me and the one gal is going to tell me how much she will charge me to finish it for my mom for Christmas.
I will stop at the farmers market on the way and spend the last $4 we have.

Today I will share a photo essay I did on the petting zoo at the Kansas State Fair. Petting Zoo at the Kansas State Fair 2008--Photo Essay
I've been putting in 1 video each day too at gather of rides I took at the fair.

Have a good day,
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