Thursday, August 21, 2008

Thursday August 21

Oh my goodness! I didn't mean to get to my blog so late.
We had a really good time at the park and zoo yesterday. The kids really loved it. I started out this morning by getting the pics on to the computer and re-sizing them. Then out of 60 pics I took, I used 36 of them in 3 different photo essays. So,360 bonus points will be coming my way tomorrow.
I will share one of those photo essays today of the kids in the park area. Fun at the Park--August 20--Photo Essay

I so exhausted. My running today started at 12:45 and just ended. I am so hungry that I am weak but supper will be done soon. Hopefully that will help my energy level as well. I don't have any evening plans other than making what money I can here on the computer.
Tomorrow morning I do have to work getting my bus aide training. Then later in the afternoon they are having a water fun and watermelon feed at Headstart. That should be both fun and relaxing.

Have a great evening!
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