Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Tuesday August 19

It's a beautiful day! A little busy today with Heather having her math tutoring and then this evening Steve and I go to the bowling meeting. Next Tuesday we start bowling again and I am excited to get back to it. An evening out really does me good.

I didn't come close to clearing out my gmail yesterday. It seems that the email comes in just as fast as I can delete it. I still have almost 6,000 emails in my inbox this morning. I will work on what I can of it today.

I'm really excited! Gather just started a point promotion. We receive 10 points for each summer themed photo that we post. We are allowed to repost any photos already in! I will be busy busy....amazon gift cards here I come!
This morning I put in the 15 photos that I took at our church swimming party and picnic. If you would like to take a look, you can start at the first picture then click next to move on to the next one.
Marsha's Photos on Gather

Have a great day and I will chat with you again tomorrow.
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