Sunday, August 17, 2008

Sunday August 17

Good Sunday Morning! I am getting my blog written before church because it's going to be a busy Sunday. We have church, then a dinner following church. Once home I will do what I can on the computer while getting a cake baked. This evening is our swimming party and picnic for church. It's in a little town about 30 minutes away. Not sure if the weather is going to totally cooperate with the picnic plans, but I pray it does.

Today for my gather article to share, I would like to share what I posted to share what I made Willo for her birthday. Willo's Birthday Present Or a Use for Those Mismatched Socks

This week I will only work 2 days, Wednesday and Friday, then the following week I work each day. I'm sort of looking forward to it, but only for the paycheck part. I've made a savings goal and can't wait to see if I can stick to it and achieve my goals.

Have a great day!
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