Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Wednesday August 20

Good Morning!
The day has started well. Although, I should head on in to work and get all my tables set up and my dishes put away etc. and get that over with. Then I need to make a short shopping trip to the grocery store.

I am still busy putting in summer photos over at gather. But, today I put in a photo essay after a trip to the pet store to go with the Rainbow Connections color of the week, which is lime. Rainbow Connections-A Trip to the Pet Store in Lime--Photo Essay

There isn't much else going on to tell about. The bowling meeting went well last night and I can't wait to start bowling next week! We may go bowling Sunday afternoon to practice. I will have to start out with my 157 average and not have bowled since last season.

I plan to take the kids to the local zoo after Allen gets out of school this afternoon. That is if the weather cooperates. If we don't make it then we will try again on Friday.

Take care all and have a glorious day!
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