Friday, August 22, 2008

Friday August 22

I was going to head to work in 20 minutes but when Elizabeth went out to take Allen to school this morning she found the battery dead on my van. The guys we found to help jump it say the battery is totally gone. It wouldn't even spark. I don't know what I am going to do now as we are struggling to keep food in our stomachs right now so sure don't have money to replace a battery.
I will get to clicking in every program I can today, maybe I can reach payout in a couple of them.

In the meantime, over at gather I have put in 100 photos for a total of 1,000 bonus points. I will direct you to 1 of the zoo photo essays today, and if you click from there to view all the images from the post and click on some of the pictures too that way, it will really help me out. Hutchinson Zoo--August 20--Photo Essay

Have a great day! It's supposed to be hot today around 100 but right now it's damp and chilly and looking like rain.

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