Monday, August 18, 2008

Monday August 18

Here we are, another Monday. It should be a great one! The only thing that I am aware of having to do today is to take my mom to her usual Monday dr. appt. I am working on getting through the over 7,000 email in my gmail right now and feel like I am moving right along with that.

The church swimming party and picnic was loads of fun last night. Steve paid my $1 to get in to the pool, so despite the cold water, I did get in. The weather cooperated nicely with us. It wasn't until we were all almost done eating that these storm clouds rolled in and it got windy and chilly. We made it through the clean up before any rain fell. It was really nice to get out and about and have some fun with family and friends.

Today's article I will share on gather is my weekly Freebies post. Freebies--Week of August 10
For some reason my cut and paste isn't working so I sure hope I typed that in right!

I think that is it for today. Wish me luck on my goal of clearing out and catching up on my gmail!

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