Saturday, June 16, 2012

Private Selections Make Your Summer Meals

As a bzzagent I've had the opportunity to try some more of the Private Selections foods.  Private Selections is Kroger's exclusive store brand.

I was sent coupons in order to try the Private Selections Angus Ground Beef, Private Selections Ice Cream and a Private Selections 6 inch apple or cherry pie.  I was also sent a bag of the Private Selections chips in Sea Salt and Black Pepper.  The kit I received is pictured here:

Upon arriving at the store I found that our Dillon's store does not carry the Angus Ground Beef.  I chatted with the meat manager at our largest store and he hadn't heard about it.  He assured me that my coupon doesn't expire until August 1st so to keep checking back.  A few weeks later, no such luck, so let's start by talking about the chips.

My husband and daughter are big pepper fans, I'm not.  I tried the Sea Salt and Black Pepper chips though.  They weren't bad.  The pepper did come in after a few bites.  Hubby and daughter liked them, but felt they were too hard and thick.  Four of my grandkids were over and hungry--they finished off the bag of chips, not saying a word about the pepper.

But......the store has the chips on sale 2 bags for $5 and they put out a coupon to buy 1 bag get 1 free.  How could I resist not trying some of the other chips with such a great deal?  Here is what we bought:
 The Tortilla Thins were eaten by my teenage daughter.  I asked her what she thought.  She replied that they were good, but tasted like they were fried in a different oil.  I checked the bag and it says vegetable oil.  She did like them and finished off the bag in 2 days.  She did let the grandkids have a few tastes.  My 4 yr old granddaughter especially liked them.
But.....let's talk about those Sea Salt Rice and Bean Chips.    Wow!  These are outstanding and so delicious!  Thin and crisp with just the right amount of salt.  
Since buying those 2 bags, I went back to the store and bought 2 more bags of the Beans and Rice Chips in other flavors.   I chose Salsa Picante Rice and Bean Chips and Chipotle Cheese Rice and Bean Chips.   Both just as grand as the Sea Salt ones.
I noticed they had quite a variety in the Private Selections chips, even including cinnamon and sugar chips.   I can't wait to try even more of them.

Now let's move on to the pie and ice cream.   I chose to use my coupon to get the half gallon of the Private Selections Ice Cream.  I bought Crushed Vanilla Bean flavor.   I also chose to get the 6 inch Apple in the Private Selection Pie.

Just look at this photo of a little slice of the pie, warmed up, with the melting ice cream on it!
 It was yummy.  The apples tasted great.  I did think the pie crust was a little too thick for my taste.

Do you have a Kroger store in your area?  If so, I encourage you to try the Private Selections brand.  Lots more food is available on top of the items that I have reviewed.

Disclaimer:  I received a Private Selections campaign kit as a bzz agent (  in order to try the products for this review.  I was not compensated in any other way and all opinions of the products are my own.
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