Friday, June 15, 2012

Sunflowers and Dragonflies Finish

yay me!  a finish for this week too!  I did almost let Friday get past me again.  It's been a rush here, rush there, stand in line at the courthouse forever, kind of day.

Anyway......I have made a wall hanging and plastic bag holder for my kitchen.  I bought the materials on an awesome Saturday Sampler deal at the quilt shop.  For attending the sampler, our deal of the day was to buy 1 yard of the spring clearance fabric and get the 2nd yard free!  It was just $6.80 for one yard each of the sunflowers and the dragonflies.   I've made these items and have plenty of fabric left that I will be making some more of the plastic bag holders to put up for sale in my etsy shop.

I used the pattern from the Emerald Aisle table runner, using just one square, and modifying it a bit for the wall hanging.  This is the front.   I even tried my hand at drawing a dragonfly to stitch in the middle.  I'm glad you can at least sort of see it in the photo.   This was my first time to draw the picture on paper and then stitch over the paper onto the fabric.  What fun!

This is the back of the wall hanging.  I made it this way so that I can turn it around on occasion to change things up.  I actually think that I may like the back better.

And, here is the matching plastic bag holder:

With any luck, I may just be able to finish that string type quilt that I've been working on forever, by next Friday.  Heading in soon to do just a bit of work on it for today.

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