Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Drugstore Bootstrap Challenge Week 2

Week 2 of the Drugstore Bootstrap Challenge put on by Frugal Follies. You can find her challenge information here.

You can find my week 1 post here.

Here are the "rules" I am trying to follow:
1. I can spend no more than $10 out of pocket the whole month.
2. Sales tax does not count in the $10 total.
3. I can start with the $5 in register rewards that I have on hand.
4. I can use any coupons that I can, and they also do not count in the total, as the total is just out of pocket.

My total spent out of pocket last week was $2.76

Today was not a very well planned trip. I had started figuring a list Sunday morning at church. Unfortunately I discovered this morning that I must have left my Sunday paper (coupons and all...youch!) at church, under my pew.
I searched blogs trying to see what was on sale and the deals. I made a list of just 3 items.
Once at the store I changed my mind and this is what I ended up with:

Veripur Hand Sanitizer, on sale for $3.99...$4 back in RR.

Right Gueard Total Defense 5 Body Wash, on sale for $3.99, had $1 peelie coupon on the bottle and I got back $3 in RR.

2-All laundry detergent--on sale buy one for $6.99, get 1 free. I used $1 coupon.(this came about because this is Steve's favorite laundry soap, so it replaced the Ocean Spray Cranberry Juice that I did have on my list.)

I then also used the $9 in RR's that I had from last week.

I paid $3.97 OOP (not including sales tax) and I came home with $7 in RR's for next time.

This brings my running total for the challenge to $6.73. If I'm going to meet the challenge and not spend more than $10 OOP, it's really going to be a challenge over the next 2 weeks.

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