Sunday, February 6, 2011

Kat McGivern--My Kamikaze Heart Album Review

Kat McGivern's newest album, My Kamikaze Heart, was released November 23, 2010.

I was given the opportunity to review the album and I love it!  There are 7 songs on the album
and I loved them all.

1. Kamikaze Heart
2. Dance with the Devil
3. Label Me
4. We're Just Keystrokes
5. Fall to Pieces
6. Decorated
7. Napoleon

Kamikaze Heart has reached the Top 10 on FMQB's AC Top 40 chart.   I can sure believe this as I
find myself humming it all day long.

Kat McGiven is not afraid to tell you what she thinks, and you'll definitely want to listen. 
This is included in my info sheet that came with the album.  I do believe this is true by
listening to the lyrics on the album.  I love a line in the song "We're Just Keystrokes" that
says "forget it boy, this bootie don't call".

Kat McGivern says, "I see myself as a bohemian Judy Jetson with a bad attitude."  In a sea of
cookie-cutter pop stars, this is one girl who's not afraid to stand out.  (as I stated before,
I can see just how true this is by the lyrics of the songs on this album)

Here are some places you will find Kat McGivern online:  (join the mailing list to listen to tracks free!)  (submit email to get the full version of the song Kamikaze
Heart)  (here you can listen to the song
"Label Me" as well as find lyrics to some of her other song.  Well worth the look see and to

I will close by saying again how much I enjoyed listening to this album.  I've listened to it
several times, in fact, over the past few days.  And, I will have it as a regular cd to listen
to.  I've not seen this before, but when I play the CD in my car, it shows the title of each
song before it starts playing.  I thought this was cool, and it may not be new, but I've not
seen that it before with any other cd's I've played.
The beat to the songs is great.  If you like pop music, I highly recommend this album.

Disclaimer:  I received a copy of Kat McGivern's album, My Kamikaze Heart, from LAFAMOS PR & BRANDING for the purpose of the review.  Any opinions of the album are my own.
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