Saturday, February 12, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday!! 2/12/11

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I've been asked to talk a little about Jerky Direct. I've been with JD since Oct. 2008. I've always had a great time with it. My children, and grandchildren just love the jerky!! They wait in anticipation each month for my autoship to come in, and then, well, it's gone about the same day!

The cost for Jerky Direct is $13.97 each month. For that price you get 2 bags of your choice of jerky as well as a web storefront. Any purchases you make past the 2 bags in the autoship you get at the wholesale pricing.

You can join Jerky Direct as a business, or you can choose to join as personal, just to get the 2 bags of jerky auto sent to you each month. I've actually had a couple of sign ups do just that. They weren't interested in the business side, they wanted the jerky each month as a great snack, being diabetics.

However, I would suggest you would take the business side of doesn't hurt anything, or change anything for you to have the store front. You then have the possibility of getting retail orders and earning some money, or at least money off of your auto ship.

I'm very fortunate that it's been a long time since I've had to put out any money for my auto ship. My downline has more than covered the cost for me. If you do have a downline, or retail sales, those are held back and deducted from the monthly shipment cost. Once you have more than $10 total over the autoship price, you are sent a check. This month I rec'd a check for $18.96.

I want to once again direct you to my Jerky Direct Squidoo lens. All details are there as well as a video and such. Jerky Direct Business Opportunity.

Now let's move on to my crafting. I put 4 more items in my etsy store this past week. I already have 3 more items for next week plus I should have no reason to not get the table runner completed to list as well.
My new items are:

Soft Pink Kitty Fabric Bag

Washcloth/Dish Scrubbie Set in Yellow

Washcloth/Dish Scrubbie Set in Spring Colors

Washcloth/Dish Scrubbie Set in Pink and Purple

It's back to work I go!

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine
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