Thursday, February 10, 2011

Squidoo Blog Hop Introduction

Welcome to the first week of my Squidoo Blog Hop!

If you do blog posts that are squidoo related, this is the place for you.  Share any blog posts in the weekly linky that you have written pertaining to squidoo.

I look forward to reading your blogs, seeing your lenses, and seeing any tips and tricks that you post as well.

For my first week, I would like to highlight the 2 lenses that are at the bottom of my list.  Both are getting too close to going over the 500,000 in rank and need a boost if you would.

The first one is Our Unschooling Journey Part 4--This was a series I did when my daughter insisted that she wanted to be unschooled.  It's in weekly journal form as to what I was observing her doing that was educational, as well as what I was doing with her.  The whole unschooling concept didn't really work out for me as I want to see textbooks used, worksheets done etc.  You will figure that out just by reading some of the things we did.  You will figure out fast which of the things on the weekly lists were MY choice and not hers.

The second one is one of my newer book review lenses--The Last Apprentice-Clash of the Demons--I am taking part in a 52 Books in 52 Weeks blog challenge, so expect to see a lot of book review lenses coming up.  The sad part--I'm already behind in making my book reviews in to lenses.

p.s.  If you would like to know more about the reading challenge, click the link in my index.  
Also click the link in my index if you need more info about the Squidoo blog hop as well.

Have fun and good reading!!

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