Monday, September 5, 2011

Mailbox Monday 9/5/11

I got in quite a few magazines and a few other goodies.
Magazines--2 issues of Entertainment Weekly, Sports Illustrated, People, Time and Forbes
Oxy Clinical kit to review and giveaway on my blog
Suave dry shampoo spray, Sweet Pea & Violet lotion, and Body Wash for Men travel sizes and coupons.
Local area coupons
2 other pieces of hausernet mail.

In my church mailbox:  $80 check for cleaning in July and August (getting married I forgot to turn in my time sheet for July  LOL)

In my inbox:
$30 total paypal from gather
.14 paypal from matesgate (if I was more active here it would be more, but it will continue to grow each month)
$2.60 cash back bonus in paypal from paypal

Frugal Friend
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