Thursday, September 8, 2011

Squidoo Hopping 9/8/11--Linky

Here we are to Thursday again. I did do a little updating of lenses this past week. Even including one of the ones I had thought of deleting. More on that one later.

I found out the concensus of the etsy module is that I will have to delete the modules and re-add them for them to be current on what I have for sale there. Since I am moving items over to zibbet I am going to add a black box module there with the link to my zibbet store. This all will hopefully by done over the weekend.

I updated my Gather--The BEST in Social Networking adding in my most recent payments rec'd. Oops, do need to add the last $30 though.

I updated my Zazzle Custom Postage Stamps lens. It hit me one evening to do the print screen in paint and then edit it down to just the stamp in order to get the picture. Each one is linkable to the stamp for sale, which is the way I wanted it. The sale I put in ended yesterday though so this is a lens that I can keep updating both as sales change and as I get more postage stamps created.

Then, I updated my Online Craft Mall lens. If you are a crafter, or sell anything online for that matter, please check out the Spooooky Celebration coming up the beginning of October. She is getting us back in to having the online parties. I had my own debates on whether I was going to sign up, but I do plan on signing up now. I will blog more about that later too.

Until next week--Happy Squidooing!

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