Saturday, September 3, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday 9/3/11

Saturday is hopping today.  We are having a garage sale.  We haven't sold all that much but at least it's cooler today.
I did sell 3 of my double thick crocheted hotpads and 2 of the cotton washcloths.

I kind of like the yard sales since I bring my laptop out and just keep on working online at the same time.....and not feel guilty about not being in the house doing some type of housework,  he he.

I put 2 new listings in my etsy store:
I moved 2 more expired etsy listings over to my zibbet store:
The lady with the fabric bag order has added a couple more bags to her order, so I am still working on the order.
I didn't get anything new added to my zazzle store, but it hit me how to get the pictures to put them the way I wanted on my squidoo lens.  I got the lens updated this morning and added a charity too.   I hope you will click over and check it out.  Zazzle Custom Postage Stamps
I also added a couple more books to my account for sale.  I did find a special place to keep these book separate from the rest.  I took my shoes off of one of the shelves in our closet and I'm storing them in there.  (you have to do these things when you have a 2 yr old living in the house who is obssessed with tearing and cutting things up!)
That's it for my report this week.  I am hopping along with Ruthi and her abitosunshine blog hop.  Click on over and join us!
 Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine
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