Wednesday, September 7, 2011

Wip Wednesday 9/7/11

I'm ashamed to say that this past week has been so busy away from home that I haven't had my sewing machine out since Monday before last!  This means that I didn't do any quilt work this past week.   For those of you who seen my yard sale post you know that I got some amazing deals on fabric and such.  I so want to get in to it and get started on bunches of things.  This week is also super busy and next week is the same.  When do things ever calm down so that I can stay home more often to get things done?

I do have the sewing machine out today for the day, and hopefully most of tomorrow and Friday as well.  I have been working on sewing the fabric bags so far.

Below is a picture of the fabric bags as of last night.  Since I have finished the 2 princess bags.  Since last week the gal added a few more bags to her order.  It's a good thing she's in no hurry to get her order.  I don't like to take this long to make an order, but since she ordered things I hadn't tried to make before she is understanding as well.
 I had stopped working on crocheting the washcloths for a couple of days and switched to making dish scrubbies.  We were having a yard sale and I had hoped to sell some (which I didn't).  I made 11 scrubbies before going back to the washcloths.  I've worked on them here and there and everywhere.  I still have quite a few to make with what yarn is next but do have another set of 3 to be listed in my etsy store.
 The only other thing I got done on the baby bibs was cutting them out.  I am in hopes of finishing one set to add to my etsy store by Saturday morning.
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