Wednesday, August 17, 2011

WIP Wednesday 8/17/11

This week I did work  on some things at home.  Mostly birthday gifts for my 3 granddaughters that all have birthday's this month.  Today I made the last of the jewelry for Araya.  I still have her doll blanket to put together.
I did a post with pics of Ariel's gifts if you are interested, you can check it out here: 

Handmade Gifts for Ariel

Otherwise, it's still working for church.  I didn't take a photo this week, but I did get started on putting the gingham strips together for a jelly roll quilt.

We met for a second time this month yesterday.  We are working on a quilt that will go to Global Missions.  It's a group effort.

Here is the jelly roll top that I made and showed in a previous WIP post.  The gal on the right put on the edging and added the happy face to it.  The gal on the left and a couple of the other gals will now put the middle and backing on.

This is the quilt we are working on for Global Missions.  This is also a group effort on the cutting, ironing, sewing together of squares.  I will have another picture when we complete it.  After we got this far we decided we needed another row on the bottom.  I've brought it home along with strips.  My homework is to finish this part of the top by Sunday.

Here is Marilyn sewing on the edging of the strip quilt top that I made.  I like to do the tops and let the others do the finishing....which why it might explain why I don't do the greatest job finishing.  A couple other gals usually do the pinning and tieing.  Below that is the finished product.  The brown backing and brown ties look great with it.  It's now ready to be donated to the Domestic Violence Center.

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  1. All of the quilts are beauties, Marsha! I especially love the quilt being donated to the Domestic Violence shelter. BRAVO on a great way to warm body and spirit!

  2. These quilts are all gorgeous. I LOVE that smiley face. Sure to bring a smile to the recipient. I am so impressed with the generosity you have. Love that bottom quilt too. Those colors are wonderful together.

  3. Wonderful! They are all beautiful, and sure to warm the hearts of whoever receives them:) Amazing women you all are!!!


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