Monday, August 15, 2011

Mailbox Monday 8/15/11

Seems it was a fairly good week in the mailbox.
Magazines:  Sports Illustrated, People, Time, Businessweek, Ok!, Martha Stewart Living
Yep...that's a whole bag of Coke product caps and a few 12 pack codes sent to me by an online friend!
Mott's for Tots coupons from Vocalpoint
Free coupon for Touch of Gray or Just For Men
3 more Wedding cards---we are loved  :)
Idea Book from History Channel
Wild Rice Cookbook and Bag of Minnesota Wild Rice (this wasn't really free as it was a state exchange through a blog and I sent out a package of Kansas items)
Several other pieces of hausernet mail (I got some at my mom's too but I can no longer log in to that account so they must have finally closed it down)

I'm excited about what came in my email this past week:
$7.35 paypal from squidoo
$80 paypal from gather and
a craft order from my etsy shop!

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  1. Awesome mail!! Great magazines.

  2. Oh wow - that state exchange sounds fun. I did a garden exchange before. Happy MM!

  3. All I drink is Coke so I love collecting the codes. My mom also sends her codes to me as well.

  4. wow online friends are true friends! You got some good stuff specially the paypal money :D


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