Saturday, August 20, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday 8/20/11

Good Morning---it is still morning as I type this.
I woke up extra early to have a garage sale but found that it was raining.  I wanted to go back to bed but instead I decided I should get to work on my online business stuff.  

I went and added more items to my zibbet store.  It's slowly growing.  As a free member I can have up to 50 items listed.  I'm still debating on the paid membership, but that will come after I close in on the 50 items listed and see if I get sales as well.    While I was there I found some cool banners to help promote (like the one below).   I put the banner in reallysmartdeals and in easyhits4u.

Speaking of reallysmartdeals---all of my sites in rotation had ended so I spent a lot of time putting in products.  I put all of my zibbet, all of my etsy, all of mu zazzle and some of my blujay store items.  With my $1.99 a month membership I can have up to 125 items in rotation.  I got up to 91 put in today.   Reallysmartdeals offers something cool---a rotator link.  This link will randomly put up one of the items I have listed.  You can check it out here:   
Now, where can I rotate this?  Most traffic exchanges don't allow the rotators since it does rotate urls and any of them could be a virus.  I have it rotating at easyhits4u.  I don't really do any other traffic exchanges anymore other than reallysmartdeals.  Any ideas?

I have work to do in blujay.  They are requiring that you now put in isbn numbers for books you have for sale.  For the books that I didn't put that in the description I will have to drag out the milk crates of books from the middle closet to get those.

I'm trying to decide what to do about homeschoolbuy.  Seems for whatever reason, there are over 1000 members but for the longest time I've been the only one listing anything.  I'm thinking of moving the books over to blujay.  That way they don't expire so I don't have to remember to go in and update them before they expire.  Good idea, just will take a lot of time.

That's my report for this week.   Click the button below and hop along with abitosunshine!
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