Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Some Small Coupon Shopping Trips

Armed with a little money I was able to do some coupon shopping this week.

First stop was Wal Mart.  I only bought 2 items, and used 2 coupons.  I used my free coupon for Jif on The Go and a $1 coupon off U by Kotex pantyliners (this made them .24).  I went with .52 change in my wallet and spent .51 of it.

Next I was off to Walgreen's.  I had $7 in RR's from a previous trip that I didn't post about to use before they expired.
I bought:
Revlon Nail polish for $3.99--rec'd back $3 in RR's
2-Sure deoderants, on sale for 2 for $3 with Walgreen's coupon and I used 2-$1 coupons making them .50 each.
Pert Plus 24.5 oz shampoo on sale for $3.99--used $1 coupon and got back $3 in RR's.
2-Brach's Mellowcreme candy on sale 2 for $3--I had one .50 coupon to use and got back $1 in RR's  making them $1.25 per bag
I used my 2 previous RR's since I didn't have a coupon for the 2nd bag of Brach's or the nail polish.
I paid $4.61 OOP with $1.13 of that being sales tax.  I walked out with $7 in RR's to spend later.  I saved a total of $12.50 with coupons and Walgreen's coupon.
Please note:  I do not count what I get back in RR's off the price since I use them as coupons on future purchases.

Next I was off to the grocery store (Dillon's) for a few items.
I bought:
3 boxes of Hamburger Helper on sale for $1 each.  I used .75/3 coupon (doubled to $1) making them 3 boxes for $2.
2- Suave deoderant at $1.06 each.  I used 2- .50 coupons (doubled) making them .06 each.
1-Idahoan boxed potatoes--used free coupon that had previously printed out at the register.
I spent $2.51 including .39 sales tax.  I saved $4 with coupons for a savings of 75% including sales.

I also want to mention a previous trip to Wal Mart as well.  I've sent my receipt off in a refund but want to talk about my good deals.

I used my free Pantene coupon for a full size conditioner.
I used 2-$2/2 any Pantane coupons to get 2 shampoo and 2 conditioner in the travel sizes.  This left me with .12 total in overage.
I bought my Carnation Instant Breakfast with a $1 coupon making it $3.96
I bought 3 canisters of Scotch Brite Botanical disenfecting wipes at $1.62 each.  I used 3-.50 coupons making them just $1.12 each.  I then sent for the buy 3 get 1 free refund check.  Taking away the .44 spent on the stamp I will net $1.18 (assuming they send the $1.62 price pre-coupon).  This makes each one of them just over .72 each!
Pull-Ups Flushable wipes using $1 coupon making them .64
This is where my memory fails me and I am kicking myself for not making notes before sending off the receipt.  I only wrote down that I saved $15.28 with coupons.  The above items total $11.28 in coupons so I'm not recalling $4 in coupons somewhere.
Anyway, I spent $25.22 and saved $15.28 in coupons so I was quite happy with my shopping.  I bought things like cat food without any coupons at all.

I plan on getting right in to my coupon shopping.  In fact, I got in 60 coupon binder pages with a bonus of 22 coupon inserts today that I bought from   I'm currently going through the inserts --they are older and many of the coupons have already expired--but I'm excited to start putting my binder together.


  1. wow...I've never noticed coupons that were worth so much that something would only be a few cents. YOu've really got the knack for it.


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