Saturday, August 13, 2011

Shop Hop Saturday 8/13/11

Happy Saturday!

I'm a little late posting this today.  I got a little sidetracked with housework for one thing.  Even though Steve and I have been a couple for years, actually being married has changed my outlook.  I want to be a good wife, which includes keeping the house clean.  However, being a good wife also means doing my share financially as well.

I have plans on really getting my act together on making my crafts, working on squidoo lenses, and working my many other websites where I earn.

I finally got in to Zibbet.  Zibbet is like etsy where you can sell handmade, vintage, or craft supplies.  I am just doing the free membership right now, which allows me to list up to 50 items.  From now on, I will list my crafts first in etsy but if they don't sell there within the time frame, they will be transferred to Zibbet.   I can't continue to have things not sell, and continue to pay an additional .20 to re-list them.  Zibbet is free, unless I decide to become a premium member and have added benefits.  As I said, that may come later as I see how sales are there.  

Here is my store so far, but it does only have 2 items so far.

I also got 2 more of the fabric bags listed in my etsy store this morning.  Yay me!  I had an etsy order last week for dish scrubbies and a set of baby bibs.  

I am currently working on making birthday gifts for my 3 granddaughters.  They all have birthday's this month.  One of the things I am making each of them are doll quilts.  Not fully quilted with a layer on the inside, just the look of a quilt.  You can check out my blog post that shows a photo of the one for Ariel if you like at:

Handmade Gifts for Ariel

I plan to add the doll blankets to my items to make and sell.  Willo's and Araya's are going to be different than Ariel's.  

I am hopping along with Ruthi at abitosunshine--won't you click the button and join us?

Shop Hop Saturday with abitosunshine 


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  1. I think your product plan with Etsy and Zibbet is a good one, Marsha. You'll gain exposure at both venues.

    That wild blue fabric reminds me of ocean waves!

    Love the gift ideas for the granddaughters!

    I'm sure Steve will agree - you're a good wife already!


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