Friday, July 1, 2011

Frugal Friday's With Marsha 7/1/11

Happy Friday!

This has been another week of not much grocery shopping and a lot of eating from what we already had in the house. Hey, we aren't out of food yet, but I'm sure hoping we can squeak out a little bit of grocery money after the bills are paid.

In the garden....the cantaloupe seems to be doing well, it's flowering now. The tomato plants are growing, but not producing. The peas I planted have sprouted, not sure if they will produce in this heat. The few potatoes seem to be growing fine.
I pulled what was left of the onions out of the garden and cooked them with a pork roast. The onions I planted otherwise didn't grow. I also used the chives that Steve's sister had brought me in the roast as well. I should say a little bit of those chives. She brought me a bunch that I clipped and dried and put them in a ziploc bag. Also for the roast I bought a bag of baby carrots at the store on quick sale for .79. And, I bought strawberries on sale for $3.98 for 2 lbs, using a .50 coupon doubled making them $2.98.
Here is a pic of the cantaloupe from the other day---ignore all the grass and weeds that should be taken out please:

I was able to pick up a bag of blankets from freecycle this week. I had hoped I could use them for the inside of quilts. One blanket I can use for the inside of a small quilt. The other 2 we will use. There was also a king size pillowcase in the bag.

We've had temps in the triple digits this week and no rain, so hanging clothes out on the line to dry hasn't been a problem. I took last week off from doing laundry, except putting away what I hadn't from the week before. Still, I only did 4 loads this week.

My other items are shared in my linky for this week. Please link up below.

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