Monday, June 27, 2011

Walgreen's Shopping 6/27/11

With less than $3 that I could spend, I was really hoping to be able to do the deal I wanted with my money.  I was afraid of getting to the store and finding the shelf empty.  Yay!  There was plenty on the shelf, along with the notice of limit 4 per customer per day.

I bought 4 of the Dove body and face wash on sale 4 for $15.
I used 2- buy 1 get one free coupons taking them down to 4 for $7.50.
I then used my 2 RR's from last week totaling $6 taking them down to just $1.50 plus sales tax.
I paid $2.17 OOP and walked out with a $5 RR for my next shopping.

Those of you who have gotten great at managing your family's tight budget may enjoy taking an online accounting class. Knowledge about money management is so valuable for our daily lives.

I'm happy!  And, I now have 4 bottle of body and face wash in my Christmas stash totes for men on my list. 

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