Thursday, June 30, 2011

Squidoo Blog Hopping 6/30/11

Happy Thursday! Sorry this is being posted later today that I wanted. Oops, I was sleeping way in after a migraine headache last night.

I didn't stay near as busy with squidoo this past week as I wanted to or should have. I had something I wanted to ask or discuss and it's left my brain right now. I should have made a note! LOL

I remember!! I built a lens last night and messing in the intro part I noticed tabs at the top I hadn't seen before. Oh gosh, I feel stupid. Related! What a way to back link to other lenses that have the same subject as the one you are in. Last night I built This Day in History June 29 and so related lenses are some of my other this day in history lenses, but I can see, say on my book review lenses finding other lenses on the book and sharing those links to help others. I'm excited, as I now have something I can do to each one of my lenses to make an update, and therefore get more views on them. Oh yes!! This lens marked my 100th lens as well!!

I also updated 2 lenses this past week--I had some suggestions last week on my My Book Reviews lens, so took the advice and changed it up a bit. Now if I could just get in all the book reviews I still have done to make in to lenses!

We had 27 bicyclists stop in at our church's bike hostel. They are one of 3 groups that are biking coast to coast to raise money for cancer research. I took a photo, not of the riders, but of all their bikes and bags in the basement of our church and added the photo, along with a link to the website on my Bike Hostel, Hutchinson, KS lens.

Awhile back I read a suggestion, I believe in the Rocketmom's ning board to take a calendar and mark on it important dates that have to do with your lenses. Then, each year on those dates, highlight your lens in some way. For example, on my calendar I put both the birth date and death date for Elvis. I'm slowly going through my lenses now to make notes. My plan on the this day in history lenses is to add one new bit of history each year.

Anyway, enough babbling on my part. I hope to continue to see more and more share in the linky below. It really keeps me motivated, and we can all support each other as lensmasters.

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