Friday, July 1, 2011

52 Weeks of Organizing--Week 26 (Week 3 for Me)

I did manage this week to get one more little area re-organized. Of course the trick isn't getting it done, the trick is keeping it that way.
The coffee table from last week has stayed fairly uncluttered, but I've had to work daily to make sure things that don't belong on it get put away.

This past week I worked on the side table that sits between my desk and the recliner.
Check out the before and after photos. The wild sunflowers I cut from my front garden where they were taking over the other flowers in the bed. I then pulled the ones out from the middle. So, I guess you can say that I decluttered that flower garden as well LOL
I do have a plan for my clean table top....I've been wanting to work jigsaw puzzles in my spare time(yeah right). I'm hoping this table top is just the right size to work puzzles on. I find them relaxing, and besides, I want to put them together before boxing them back up and putting them in a garage sale.

Before: Jasmine's books we are using for school were scattered---sewing I was working on----crocheting I was working on----empty Dr. Pepper can----books I need to read for review---and more!

After: The school books are stacked---my coupon box is on the bottom--my stack of books to read and review on the bottom in the back. On the top is just a few things for pretties and 2 coasters.

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