Thursday, May 14, 2009

Thursday May 14

I got involved in cleaning the house and some other things so it's almost noon when I am typing this today. The weather is back to cloudy again today. It was nice for the most part yesterday...when I can go out with out a jacket it's just right for me. By 4 pm it clouded up and started getting cool.

No plans outside the house today. IF by chance they would get the wiring figured out on that car and bring it to me I would take my mom to the dr. this afternoon. That's wishful thinking. I'm sure they are as frustrated as I am...and do these so called mechanics at his shop really know what they are doing? I'm at a loss, but do need a vehicle of my own.

I'm pretty ashamed of my shopping yesterday. I bought around 80% of more of junk food. I stocked up on the store brand soda while it's so cheap at just $1.67 a 12 pack. It's all under my bed and I am making the kids ask for it. I told them I bought enough to last over a month and won't buy anymore. I also bought a lot of boxes of Nerds and Gobstoppers while they are on sale for .88 a box. I stashed most of them in my gift stash tote. I did ok on the Oscar Mayer bologna but was only able to print out 3 coupons for $1/2. On sale for .88 a package I then only paid .38 for each of the 6. Then, I bought the $25+ of products (Hunts, Peter Pan, Orville Redenbacher, etc) to send for the $43 in coupons offer that was in the All You Magazine this past month. I need to get that put together and sent off.

No other news so I will stop boring you now. Have a great Thursday!
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