Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wednesday May 13

Good Morning! Looks like we might have some days now without rain. I wasn't chilly when I walked out the door this morning so that is a good sign for me.

Looks like the grocery store has some great deals this week. I've busily been printing more coupons. I hope you will check out the coupons that has to offer right here from my blog. Oscar Mayer bologna is the stock up I am going to do. It's on sale for .88 and the coupons are $1/2. We will have quite a few packages in the freezer! Go to to print even more. Another good coupon is the $1 off Kraft bbq sauce. Here is only sells for $1.08.

I usually go to the store on Thursdays but I think I will go ahead and go get the deals today. He never brought that car back to me, which tells me that the brake lights not working was yet another electrical problem. I hate to call him as he's getting upset over how often I check in, but I need to know what's going on with it. I don't want to ask him for my money back on the van, I'm in hopes he will, or can find me something else decent to drive.

Hey! I actually got my other books listed on homeschoolbuy yesterday despite hours and hours of playing that mahjong game at Marsha's Homeschoolbuy Auctions I also updated my Homeschoolbuysquidoo lens. I hope you will check it out. We need more than just myself selling there! As of right now I have the only listings in the homeschool category. I would love to see more of you list. It's totally free unless you choose to put in extra features. Please check it out.

I am off now, it's laundry day plus I have so much more cleaning to do otherwise. I told Jasmine if she even sees me open iwon to come kick me!

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