Saturday, May 16, 2009

Saturday May 16

Good Morning!
We ended up with a bad storm coming in pretty quickly late yesterday afternoon. Bug thunder boomers and lightening and hail up to 2 inches. It shut the electric down. I was scared since last time this computer was turned off, upon trying to turn it back on I got a message that Windows couldn't start due to a missing or corrupt file. It finally did start up and I hadn't turned it off again for weeks. Thank goodness, as you can see, it did come back on. I took all the kids upstairs during the storm so we could watch out the windows and I crocheted until I thought it was past enough to be safe to turn the computer back on.

I got my 4 Weeks To Healthy Digestion Book Review written in gather, and then made into a squidoo lens yesterday. I always put the book reviews in gather first them expand them into lenses. It's neat that way.

It's another busy Saturday. This afternoon is the big Headstart volunteer activity. Jasmine and I did some work during the year, but the whole family gets to go. They are taking us to the Kansas Cosmophere to watch an IMAX movie and then tour the Space Museum. I see photo essays coming to gather and a lens built just about the Cosmosphere in the works. That is if I don't forget to take my camera along like I've been guilty of doing so many times lately.

This evening we will spend with Steve again. I am worried about what the hail did to my garden yesterday. I thought of calling him last night to ask but wasn't sure I wanted to know. Checking it out will be the first thing I do once we get over there.

Have a great Saturday!
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