Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Tuesday May 12

Good Morning! It's still rainy outside..I think it's safe that after days and days of rainy weather I can say rain rain go away, come again another day(or another month LOL)

I went to my doctor appt this morning, that went fine. Right after that I had my daughter take me to the grocery store for some last minute shopping on the last day of the sales. I printed all coupons that I used this morning from coupons.com. They have LOADS of great coupons to print right now. If you don't print them from somewhere else, please do click on the coupons.com link here on my blog to print them. Here is the post with photo that I just put up on gather. More Grocery Shopping 5/12/09 I wish I could save this much each trip or even better...it's what I am working towards.

The guy was just here with the Thunderbird but when I got out there he was driving away. I asked the guy following him what was up and he said he noticed the brake lights weren't working on the way here. So, he's taken it back to the shop to fix that. Let's pray it's just the bulbs and nothing electrical or I won't be able to get the car. It had lots of electrical problems but the motor and under carriage are in great shape. I really want my own transportation again. It's harder now for my daughter to get us to appts since she is now a taxi driver and gets calls all the time to go out in the taxi.

Bill collector on the phone...this same place calls 3 times a week, different person each time. They just don't understand..I am not paying on something from 10 years ago! I am worried about today!

Better run and get some things done, it's almost noon. Have a great day!
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