Saturday, May 2, 2009

Saturday May 2

Good Saturday morning. It's still chilly here...sure too chilly for me.

I sold some books on homeschoolbuy this past week. I have a whole stack of books that need to be listed. That is my goal today is to get them listed. Other plans include another evening at my boyfriends. I know we are going to bbq again. Nice thing is, if it's raining he just keep the grill in the garage. We had planned on playing dominoes but his sister is going out of town. I guess we will end up watching a movie instead.

I didn't accomplish much yesterday online...why??....because I got too stuck on that Mahjong dimensions at iwon. Has that happened to you? And, I don't earn anything there unless I would be lucky enough to win something I put my points in for. What is wrong with me? It's all I can do to stop myself right now from opening it up to play some more. LOL

I did cash out for $50 in amazon with gather yesterday....but I need at least another $100 or so from other places...and by this time next month to get my laptop when I want it to make my goal. I want to have it before we head to Bible camp for family camp at the end of June.

I really don't have anything else to say today...sad isn't it? I'm still over 6000 emails in my gmail...besides getting the books listed I really need to concentrate today on clearing out the email.

Have a great Saturday!
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