Monday, May 4, 2009

Monday May 4

Good Morning!
Here we are to Monday. It looks like it's going to be a nicer day today. Today is my weekly cleaning upstairs day. All I've gotten done so far are some dishes and some decluttering of stuff that doesn't belong in the kitchen.
I sure hope I can get my mother motivated to get a bunch of stuff ready to try to sell at the neighborhood yard sale that is coming up!

I didn't get those books listed on homeschoolbuy like I wanted. I ended up spending a lot of time there editing to make sure my listings stay in. I am in hopes of getting the books listed today. I can't sell them if they aren't listed!

I was "test driving" this 1986 Ford LTD over the weekend that the guy that sold me the van wants me to take in place of the van. It's not a bad looking car....from a distance LOL Up close it's not so great. It has some problems though with the brakes, the windows, the doors, the power steering and the ignition. He has the car now supposely going to fix the problems for me this week. It's also really dirty as they've had a window down during all this rain, he's supposed to clean it out too. I still want to keep the van. He is willing to give me a motor if I have someone to pull that one then pull the one in the van.....just not really finding anyone willing to do that much work for me. The never ending battle to have my own transportation lives on.

I drove up and did my Walgreen's shopping yesterday. This was my best trip moneywise so far. I didn't get that post on gather yet, but will put it up in a bit. I did post my April Earning Stats and my weekly mail call, Mail Call! Week of April 26 if you are interested.

No plans outside the house today so it will be all the housework and computer time I can get in. The grandkids have made a real mess down here! It's far past time to get rid of the majority of these toys so they can't do this to me. I'm off to get my housework done upstairs.
Here's wishing you a great start to your week!
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