Monday, April 27, 2009

Monday April 27

Good Morning! It's been one rainy weekend here and it doesn't look like it's ready to let up yet.
Jasmine and I had a good time spending Saturday evening with Steve. We started out having bbq chicken, mac and cheese, green beans and rolls for supper. Then, we watched 2 movies.
Church was nice yesterday morning, I even got my oldest daughter and the grandkids there. One of our new members is building us a church website. Because the church is not the building, but the people, he brought his equipment and took a photo of all who were at the service yesterday. That will be the main photo on our website.
After church I put supper in the crockpot, but oops...forgot to turn the crockpot on! We did get to eat but just later in the evening than usual. Oh well, it all worked out in the end.

Today is my moderate cleaning day upstairs and I've decided to work a bit on here, clean up there and back and forth until it's done upstairs. I also want to get up to Walgreens today for my weekly shopping there. Also in hopes while up north there I can stop into the large grocery with the greenhouse and get some plants and things to get my garden going.

I did my mail call post on gather a day late yesterday. Mail Call! Week of April 19 I also shared Photos From My Birthday 4/24/09

I got in Our Unschooling Journey Part 2 weekly update in a day later than usual on squidoo.
I updated the first lens as well...Our Unschooling Journey
I even update my general Homeschooling lens as well.

All in all I ended up getting a lot more done online yesterday than I thought I would. For now I better get back to the housework. Here's to a great start to your week,
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