Friday, May 1, 2009

Friday May 1

Good Morning! It was after supper time last night when I realized I hadn't put in a blog for the day.
We got really busy Wednesday afternoon and got the garden planted....7 tomato plants, 2 banana pepper plants, 4 bell pepper plants, 9 Blue lake bean plants, 2 strawberry plants and a row of lettuce. Still not as large as I would like, but larger than last season. We also went to the awards ceremony for Awanas. Jasmine got a certificate for perfect attendance, another for finishing a book. She also got a medal for finishing a book as well as a nice Bible for teenage girls for moving up to Trek.

Allen ended up sick with fever and sore throat Wednesday evening. I got stuck playing this game at iwon...mahjong dimensions. I stayed up way too late and when I was ready to go to bed Allen was up with a stomach ache. He is still home today as they aren't allowed back to school until their fever has been down for a full 24 hours.

I got some videos in on gather yesterday, then it gave up on me and wouldn't load anymore. I will try again today. I'm cashing out with gather today for $50 in amazon but still need a minimum of $75 more in amazon to make my goal of buying a laptop. Need to bust a move to get it in the time I would like...which is before we head to the Bible camp at the end of June for family camp.
The guy that sold me my van says he has another vehicle he can let me drive until we find something else. I need to call and check with him on that. Heather and I both have dr. appts this afternoon and I need to call and make the girls dentist appts.

I will end for today by saying:
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