Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Wednesday April 29

Gosh, I've been doing so many things all at once this morning I am just now getting to writing my blog for the day.
It's still raining outside. I had hoped it would clear up. I've bought 4 tomato plants, 2 strawberry plants, 1 banana pepper plant, 4 green bean plants, and 4 bell pepper plants that I was really hoping to get planted today.

I started out my morning by writing a very long post on gather about yesterday. I won't type it in here for sure, but if you are interested please visit What Are the Odds.....
I plan on putting in all photos and videos that I have stored on my computer to gather that aren't already there today if I find the time. At least that way they won't be lost!

I know I updated a few squidoo lenses, but the way my mind is working right now I don't know which ones LOL

Tonight is the last night and awards night at Awanas. Jasmine is sad that it's over for the year....I am too.

It's just after noon now so I am going to get this posted. Have a great Wednesday!
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