Saturday, May 9, 2009

Saturday May 9

Good Morning! It ended up being a nice day after all, and didn't rain anymore. The temps were great.
Jasmine and I are heading out to do some volunteer work with an agency called Interfaith Housing. We, along with a few others from our church and some from a couple other churches are going to help work on someone's house. It's part of Global Youth Service Day, which was really April 24-26, we are just a little late.
One thing on my vision board is to volunteer more.

We still will be spending the evening at my boyfriends. Part of the evening will be spent buying the food for tomorrow's bbq. He called to say his sister got really sick last night and was taken to the ER but he didn't know anymore than that. I hope she is better now!

I won again on mycoolcontests! I'm heading next to get my squidoo lens updated. Here is the banner if you would like to join. They really are making it can even follow them on twitter now and they are doing a lot of bingo type games.

Off we go....have a great day!
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