Tuesday, May 5, 2009

Tuesday May 5

Happy Cinco De Mayo Day to all. When Jasmine was in Headstart she took part in the festivities with a great dress and dancing downtown.
The weather today is still not good...too chilly for me. Anything under 76 and I am cold! It's looking better the next 2 days but then temps drop again. Why can't it just stay in the 80's?

No plans outside the house again today. I didn't get the books listed on homeschoolbuy again, but will today! I got my Walgreens shopping post up on gather. Walgreens Shopping 5/3/09.
I got Our Unschooling Journey 2 squidoo lens updated a couple of days late. I also updated my Under The Rainbow Gifts lens as well. Today I need to get Sample Gal and Cello In A Box updated.
I didn't make giant squid and I'm pretty heartsick over that...and I don't understand why my stuff isn't good enough, but I guess I will keep updating and apply again at the end of June and see what happens.

For some reason I can cut and paste most everywhere fine, however I can't cut and paste from gather posts and put it in a post or anywhere else. I can't restart this computer. The last time it was off I got scared to death...it wouldn't boot up telling me that there was a missing or corrupt windows file. I tried and tried again and it did come back on, but I would be lost if I shut it down and it did NOT come back on!!

On that note, I better move on to other things. The cloudy, chilly weather is already making me want to just crawl back in to bed.

Have a good Tuesday,
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