Wednesday, May 6, 2009

Wednesday May 6

Good Morning! It's supposed to hit a high of 80 here today. As of this morning it's still really wet from rain and the sky is no where near close to clear.
Today's plans outside the home include dr. appts. for Heather and Jasmine for their yearly check ups. It's sad that Awanas is over. I think Jasmine will end up starting to go to the youth group at that church soon though on Saturday evenings.
I'm sending in registration for her camp times at the Kansas Bible camp today. She just told me she wants to go to the first session which starts on May 31. I'm also getting us registered for family camp at the end of June.

I didn't get those books listed at homeschoolbuy yet...ggrrr I am so addicted to this dimensions mahjong game at need help!! LOL Honestly I played nothing but the game for about 5 hours of the day yesterday. That's not going to help me pay any bills...I don't think I would ever be lucky enough to win the jackpot for playing the game anyway.

I did update a squidoo lens My Coupon/Refund Story I was trying to put in the box but I guess it's not a code that can be put in to squidoo. Instead I updated my module titles and changed up some of the ebay. I did get the here on my blog, so if you want to print coupons from here, I would appreciate it.

Right now I need to head upstairs and see if I can sneak in my bath quick. Getting a bath is no easy task when there are 11 people in the house and only ONE bathroom! Then it's my laundry day too so I need to jump right in and get that started.

Until tomorrow, have a great day!
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