Friday, May 8, 2009

Friday May 8

Good Morning. It indeed was a great day weather wise. Hot enough that the kids played in the sprinkler and the hose. Woke up this morning to find it had rained all night and the driveway is flooded half way up.
Tonight is the carnival at Allen's school. They have loads of outdoor activities so I hope the rain stops until late tonight again so they can have a nice time.
I am working this evening at Headstart doing child care while they have a huge parent activity so I can't go to the carnival this year.

Nope, didn't get the books listed on homeschoolbuy. If I don't stop and just take the time to get it done it won't get done until at least Monday now. Tomorrow morning Jasmine and I are going for a youth day of helping a local agency work on someone's house (same agency that is working on my mom's house). Evening will be spent at Steve's again. Then comes Sunday, which is Mother's Day. Right after church we are spending the afternoon at Steve's with our whole family for a bbq. Can we say busy??

I won another prize at mycoolcontests yesterday but didn't get my squidoo lens updated until this morning. mycoolcontests
I really have a lot of updating to get done on squidoo too.

There isn't that much on sale at the store this week so I am just pulling out any coupon I think I might use. Shopping is just another thing I have to get done today. Allen gets out of school at 1 pm so I plan to have all my coupons ready by that time. I will have to nap after shopping to get ready to go deal with children at work. Last I heard there were 56 children signed up and only 5 child care workers, which is not enough by law. We will end up with other employees coming in to help us.
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