Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Happy St Patricks Day My Friends!


I've been busily working on here today to hurry and get a lot of my things done on here this morning. I want to have most of my things done by noon.
I got a lot of the file box done from the Sidetracked Home Executives book. I'm pretty well done except for the birthdays, anniversaries etc and the address cards, but those in themselves are going to take a few days.

I didn't get any extra posting done on gather yesterday other than a post about a bill collector calling. I did post 3 photos, and I made my goal of 100 points of the day with 101. I am in hopes of cashing out of April 1 for both a $50 and a $25 amazon.

I updated a book review squidoo lens as well as my pets lens. I added photos on the pets including of the new kittens. I hope you will take a look. Meet Our Pets

I got my daughter to drive herself to pick her kids up from school so that gave me more time at home. Today's plans include taking my mom to her dr. appt. and bowling this evening. I will take my address file and address print outs to both places to work on.

I'm off now...don't forget to wear your green today!
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