Saturday, March 21, 2009

Saturday March 21

Good Morning! It felt so good to sleep in this morning. It smells like rain outside and they are calling for chances of thunderstorms over the next 3 days. Highs at just about 70 each day.

Below is a photo of the plarn gift bags that I've completed. When I said I was going to work on crafts 2 days ago I guess I meant it, I finished the 2nd bag. Yesterday I worked on sorting bags to use to make my next plarn shopping tote. These gift bags will be listed on blujay later today.

I did a lot of posting on gather yesterday. I hope to do the same today and keep those points coming in to make my goal by April 1. I posted Grocery Shopping 3/19/09 and Budget Supper March 19. 2009

I listed Rich Kid Smart Kid on blujay yesterday, so I also updated my squidoo lens book review as well. Rich Kid Smart Kid Book Review

No other real news. I wanted to go help clean the basement at my church this morning. I decided against it as the van is sounding worse and worse. We've driven it just over 300 miles already with that rod going out. I have no prospects of coming close to earning the $300 needed to buy another engine to put in it. I want to be as careful as I can in hopes we can drive it as long as possible.

Have a great Saturday!
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