Sunday, February 8, 2009

Sunday February 8

Good Morning. The winter weather is moving in starting today. I need to get to the store asap before the cold rain starts sometime after noon.
I slept in this morning. It's nice, but at the same time the time just goes by so fast as it is to stay in bed longer. And, I will still take a nap this afternoon!

Here is a video from February 6 that I posted on gather:

Yesterday I updated our unschooling journal squidoo lens, and built my 48th lens! This one is called Jasmine's Lapbooks and will be updated with each one that she makes. I wonder what she will decide to make one on this week? The one on the lens is on the Oklahoma Octopus. Jasmine's Lapbooks

No real plans today other than the shopping. I still have quite a bit of material to get cut into quilt squares. I need to do all I can on gather and try to get caught up on my email notices there. It's hard as there are so many things that I do online.

Until tomorrow, have a blessed Sunday,
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