Thursday, November 13, 2008

Thursday November 13

Good morning. A bit warmer this morning as there was no frost or ice on the windshield.
I am getting my gather posts in and my blogs before heading out to take my mom to get her commodity food. Right after that I have to go to work. After work I have to take Heather to her math tutoring. A little later I take my mom to the doctor. And, this evening I have council meeting at church. It means another short day to get things done on the computer.
Tomorrow is my payday, which is good, but also shortens the computer day as I need to get a few bills paid and do a little shopping.

I got the 2 orders of scrubbies made, and got the materials bought to finish the order for 12 scrubbies. So, in between my other stuff and clicking on here I will be working on making scrubbies. In fact, I will take the materials with me while I am running others around.

Here is the book review of WWJD for Kidz that I did on gather. WWJD for Kidz Book Review

Until tomorrow, have a great day, stay safe, and take care,
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