Monday, November 10, 2008

Monday November 10

Good morning. Looks like the chilly weather is here to stay. No wind today, which is good, it's the wind that chills me to the bone.
My son got over and would you believe all that was wrong with the van was the lug nuts on that one tire were so loose it was about to fall off?? Well, there is something wrong with a bracket to the chasse, but he says that shouldn't fall apart soon, so I can keep praying and keep saving to get something else to drive. I'm so thankful that's all it was and I have transportation again for the time being.

Today starts a busy week. There are extra dr. appts. this week starting with my mom's foot dr appt today. All I can do is "grin and bear it" and get done what I can on the computer when I can.

I built a new squidoo lens yesterday. This one is a book review of WWJD for Kidz. I hope you will take a look. WWJD For Kidz Book Review

Today I am sharing a photo essay I did on gather of the fall trees in the morning sunlight. I hope you will take a peek at it as well. Fall Trees Photo Essay

Until tomorrow, have a glorious day!
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